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Featured Show

A Clown Show About Rain - #VAULTFestival2019 

27/02/2019 - 03/03/2019

The Vaults,
Leake Street,


Running Time : 1 hour


Show Details

It makes sense to take an umbrella out when it’s raining, but some things can’t be forecast like the weather.


Forth, Cromarty and Dogger take each day as it comes, but as the water levels rise, how will they cope with a broken umbrella and leaking wellies? Watch as they play, dance, seek and hide in this world of ever-changing weather.


Smashing together clowning with beautiful visual imagery and physical theatre, Silent Faces see what it is to try and battle the elements when our weather proofing is failing and explore how it can be possible to come together—in ourselves and with others—in order to carry on.


Silent Faces was created in 2015 with the aim of making brave, ridiculous, unique and challenging devised theatre in the form of physical political fooling. In our work we employ our unique style of high-concept, metaphorical, playful theatre to push the boundaries of clown and physical theatre in a contemporary political context.

Silent Faces is an integrated company of disabled and non-disabled artists. We are fascinated by and seek to explore this unique collaboration in our work. In 2016 we worked with Stopgap and Disability Arts Online as winners of the inaugural Integrated Fringe (iF) award for Brighton Fringe to develop our debut show Follow Suit.
A Clown Show About Rain was created with support of The Pleasance Theatre, Camden People's Theatre and Incoming Festival. This show is in support of Rethink Mental Illness, raising money and awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Shortlisted Mental Health Fringe Award 2018
Shortlisted UNTAPPED/New Diorama 2018
Nominated Eddies Award 2017
Winner Integrated Fringe Bursary 2016
Nominated IYAF Best Young Production 2016
Goldsmiths Associate Artists for 2015/2016


What the press say

New York Times "A deceptively playful work of physical theater"
LGBTQ+ Arts Review - "A hilarious and beautiful piece that will leave you torn between laughing and reflecting with its perfect balance between silly and meaningful theatre"
ThreeWeeks - "The performers expertly balance sadness and silliness"
MarblesMag - "Silent Faces have mastered the art of illustrating stories of mental health"


19:20 with a Sat matinee at 16:30




Suitable for all ages

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Venue Details

The Vaults,
Leake Street,

Eight unbelievable venues, three stylish bars and a top-notch restaurant, all hidden beneath Waterloo. From 6pm until the early hours, there’s nowhere else you need to be. Welcome to VAULT 2016

“The business model for the creative industries is broken. For every performer at Edinburgh working for nothing, read musician on Spotify or writer on the net. Providers of content make peanuts, while the controllers of the infrastructure… walk away with extraordinary profits. … How can we transfer some of the wealth grabbed by, say, hotels in Edinburgh and hand it to the people who generated it?”
Patrick Collinson, The Guardian, 29 / 8 / 15

We want VAULT Festival to be the people’s festival. For six weeks, join this carnival of experience, filled with entertainment and around every corner an unexpected adventure. From hard-hitting drama to outrageous comedy, from dance to late-night parties, VAULT takes in the bravest and best of the next generation of creators.

“It’s risky to bring a show [to Edinburgh Festival] that you know needs a lot of development in the faint hope that someone will spot a gold nugget and offer to help nurture it. In any case, if you are only here with something in the hope of catching someone’s eye, you are selling audiences short. They should be the people you really make the show for, not some producer who may or may not pitch up.”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 20 / 8 / 15

We put up the flag here at the edge of theatreland, and gather acts & artists, bands & companies from all over to come and make something unforgettable. It’s their festival, and we’re inviting you to celebrate it with us.

We’re doing our best to reinvent the non-funded creative sector and make it sustainable for both the artist and the festival. What we give is space: to innovate, take risks and cooperate with each other. We don’t charge rent. We do take 30% of show box office, which goes some way – but not all the way towards covering our costs. In this way, Artists and Festival live or die together.
Come and see what the people have made: there’s a conversation every single night about where we go from here. There’s three great bars, fantastic food and enough entertainment to make the outside world irrelevant as long as our doors are open.


Halfway down Leake Street (the Graffiti Tunnel). Please do not go to the Launcelot Street entrance. The venue can be hard to find – please leave more time than you usually would.


A Clown Show About Rain - #VAULTFestival2019A Clown Show About Rain - #VAULTFestival2019
A Clown Show About Rain - #VAULTFestival2019A Clown Show About Rain - #VAULTFestival2019

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